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Toro Dingo

Toro® Dingo® compact utility loaders and attachments from Norris Sales are the answer, turning workers into productivity machines.  All Toro Dingo compact utility loaders available through Norris Sales offer incredible hydraulic power in a compact, maneuverable package. When using a skid loader is overkill or when you need a machine with an extremely wide variety of uses, the Toro Dingo is your best choice for machinery.  Just a few different attachments available for these machines include forks, augers, plows, trenchers, grapples, backhoes, and cultivators along with many others for even more specific jobs.

The Toro Dingo TX family of compact utility loaders offers 25 hp diesel and 27 hp gas engines. Easy-to-use controls and the walk-behind design the TX Dingo makes productivity a snap for all levels of operators.  Come in to our showroom to see firsthand how easy to use and versatile these machines are.

Adjustable Fork Loader - Dingo Attachment 23164
Fork Length - 42 in.
Compact Utility Loader/Walk-Behind Loader - Dingo TX427 - Wide Track
Width - 41 in., 27 hp Kohler Engine
Compact Utility Loader/Walk-Behind Loader - Dingo TX525 - Narrow Track
Width - 33.7 in., Horsepower - 25 h.p.
Compact Utility Loader/Walk-Behind Loader - Dingo TX525 - Wide Track
Width - 41 inches, Horsepower - 25 h.p.
High-torque Auger Power Head - Dingo Attachment 22802
Auger Bits - 6 in. to 30 in.
High-torque Trencher Loader, 3 in - Dingo Attachment 22470
Trenches 42 inches below grade
Utility Blade Loader - Dingo Attachment 22414
Earth Moving and Snow Moving
2010 Dingo TRX26
300 Estimated Hours
2011 Dingo 220
500 Estimated Hours
2011 Toro Dingo TRX26
350 Estimated Hours
Compact Utility Loader/Walk-Behind Loader - Dingo 220
20 hp Kohler Engine
Compact Utility Loader/Walk-Behind Loader - Dingo TX427 - Narrow Track
Width - 33.7 in, 27 hp Kohler Engine
Grab, Drag, Lift and Place Materials
Cement Bowl Loader - Dingo Attachment 22442
Dry Cement Capacity - 200 lb.
Toro Dingo TX427
750 Estimated Hours
Toro Dingo Wide Track
600 Estimated Hours
2011 Dingo TX427
575 Estimated Hours
STX-26 Toro Dingo Stump Grinder
26 hp
Toro Dingo Soil Cultivator
Transforms rough terrain into a perfect planting bed
Snowthrower Attachment
Great for cleaning sidewalks, drivewasys and small parking lots
Pull Pipe or Install Wire and Cable
Bore under sidewalks and driveways
Most powerful dedicated walk behind trencher
23 hp Kohler Engine
Hydraulic Powered - Compact for Small Spaces
38 hp