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Conquer Any Terrain with a Wacker Neuson Dumper

Wacker Neuson DW60 Dumper

Wacker Neuson has developed a line of dumpers that have a powerful four-wheel drive and small footprint to out maneuver traditional dump trucks and handle materials on even the roughest terrain, muddy conditions and steep hills.

The Perfect Size for Any Project

When it comes to transportation of materials on the job Wacker Neuson dumpers close the wide gap between the small skid steer bucket and the big dump trucks.

To describe dumpers as 'versatile' is an understatement. Due to their size and hauling power, these dumpers can access tight areas while hauling everything from clay, stone, gravel, backfill, asphalt, turf, concrete, traffic signs and cones around job sites.

The narrow design also let's Wacker Neuson's line of dumpers travel across every type of terrain, including landscaped yards with mature trees, nature trails and sidewalks, and tight urban landscapes.

All Terrain, All the Time

Wacker Neuson dumpers have excellent maneuverability and work well in rough ground conditions.

Due to their permanent four wheel drive and high ground clearance, these dumpers are powerful enough to climb over dirt piles, drive through extreme mud and snow, and handle steep inclines while carrying heavy loads of material.

Wacker Neuson also offers special turf tires specially designed for the sensitive ground conditions such as golf course greens and cemeteries. 

Invest in a Dumper Today!

Wacker Neuson dumpers are very tough, require little maintenance, and provide an excellent return on investment.

As an authorized dealer, Norris Sales offers Wacker Neuson rental, sales and parts at our headquarters in Conshohoken, PA and our secondary facility in Sicklerville, NJ. With a variety of dumper models to choose from, our staff will help you find the perfect Wacker Neuson dumper to fit your project's needs! 

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