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The difference between Link-Belt and LBX

High Performance LBX X3 Series and X4 Series

A frequently asked question from those not in the construction industry is, "What's the difference between Link-Belt and LBX?"

The short answer: Essentially nothing. Both brands are Link-Belt brands and are referred to as such. But while they do share the Link-Belt name, the Link-Belt Construction Equipment Company and Link-Belt Excavators (LBX Company) are, in fact, two separate companies. 

The History of Link-Belt

Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co.

Link-Belt was first conceived in the late 1800s by William Dana Ewart. He recognized the need for interchangeable "links" for a steam-operated harvester's chain belt that would allow for farmers to easily fix their machines during high season, without delaying the harvest. This led to the founding of Link-Belt Machinery Company in 1880 and the Link-Belt Engineering Company in 1888.

In 1986, because of changing world economics, the Link-Belt Construction Equipment Co. was formed as a joint venture between FMC Corporation and Sumitomo Heavy Industries. 

The Founding of LBX

In 1998, in a reorganization to focus solely on cranes, Link-Belt's excavator product line was spun off and became the LBX Company. LBX is now considered a stand-alone company formed between Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. and Case Corporation to exclusively market and sell Link-Belt excavators, forestry and material handling equipment.

Later in 2010, the Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co. acquired full ownership of LBX Company.

LBX Available in Philadelphia and South Jersey

LBX is committed to the design, manufacture and service of quality products that satisfy the needs of its customers worldwide. LBX's line of excavators can be found working in a variety of applications, including demolition and scrap/material handling.

Norris Sales carries LBX brand excavators and material handlers. Featuring the high performance X3 series and X4 series models, Norris Sales prides itself by providing the best equipment in safety, performance, serviceability, and comfort to its clients. 

As an authorized Link-Belt dealer, Norris Sales provides service and technical support for Link-Belt equipment. Both Norris Sales' locations carry replacement parts for LBX equipment and also provides LBX excavators and material handlers for rental and sale.

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