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How to Save Downtime with Gehl's Industry Exclusive Track Loader System

Norris Sales is a proud authorized Gehl dealer

Since entering the track loader market in 2001, Gehl has made a name for itself with their machines' high-capacity power, breakout force and tractive effort. All Gehl track loaders are designed for comfort and compactness, ensuring versatility for every project or job site. Unlike skid loaders, track loaders work in poor underfoot conditions and on sensitive surfaces, providing greater stability for the operator. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient track loader, Gehl's got you covered. 

Save downtime with Gehl's Industry Exclusive IdealTrax™ system

Best of all, Gehl track loaders are equipped with the industry exclusive IdealTrax™ Automatic Track Tensioning system, which ensures proper track tensioning upon engine start up and operation, saving the required 10-15 minute track re-tensioning recommended every 50 hours.

By eliminating over-tensioning and releasing track tension when the engine is turned off, track life is extended by up to 15 percent. This saves you substantial maintenance and track replacement costs over the life of the machine, and makes taking off a track on Gehl's track loaders remarkably easy. Moreover, the IdealTrax extends itself to working harder in your jobsite routine because it automatically adjusts to the appropriate tensioning for changes in field terrain, by a simple switch in the rear compartment.

We say nothing's easier than pressing a switch to quickly adjust the track tensioning on your Gehl track loader! Check out all the models Norris Sales, the authorized dealer of Gehl, has in stock today!

Gehl Track Loaders

1. GEHL Compact Track Loader - CTL85

The CTL85 and many other Compact Track Loaders from GEHL are perfect to help complete any project. These track loaders are perfect for digging and loading materials Compact Track Loaders from GEHL, specifically the CTL85, feature fewer moving parts, which means fewer problems. Its simple, yet straightforward design fully supports the track drives and rollers, resulting in a machine that excels in soft or muddy conditions.

2. GEHL Compact Track Loader - RT175 Gen:3

When assistance is needed in lifting large amounts of material or loading moving vehicles, the GEHL RT175 Gen:3 Compact Track Loader will fulfill those needs. The design of the RT175 Track Loader was made to maneuver over various surfaces such as muddy conditions. When it comes to Track Loaders, GEHL knows all the ins and outs of them.

3. GEHL Compact Track Loader - RT250 Gen:3

Just like other Track Loaders from GEHL, this one was designed for the highest level of performance. the GEHL RT250 GEN: 3 Compact Track Loader is made to maneuver over a variety of surfaces and will also assist in moving large amounts of materials such as soil or sand. These track loaders also are perfect for loading materials in and out of moving vehicles.

4. GEHL Compact Track Loader - RT210 Gen:3

When it comes to track loaders for excavation, grading and land clearing, the GEHL RT210 Gen:3 Compact Track Loader design has a enhanced stability, a smoother ride and a powerful 72 hp Yanmar diesel engine. Made to maneuver over various surfaces including muddy conditions, the RT210 is perfect for lifting large amounts of material in tight spaces. This Track Loader is perfect for any small to mid sized projects.

Pick up the perfect Gehl track loader for you! Contact Norris Sales to buy or rent today!