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JLG’s Straight Boom Lifts Give You More Diesel Power for Your Dollar

JLG telescopic diesel powered boom lifts

JLG's line of straight, telescopic boom lifts are efficiently diesel-powered, ready for any job site or project you have. And, with Norris Sales’ competitive pricing, you’ll have more diesel power for your dollar with JLG's environmentally friendly Tier 4 Final diesel engine.

Clean Diesel Technology For Off-Road Engines 

JLG's boom lifts are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and help keep productivity high. From job start to completion, JLG has a diesel powered boom lift to meet your needs and keep your job green. Every JLG diesel engine is a DEUTZ teir 4 diesal engine. 

DEUTZ Tier 4 engines are fitted with low-maintenance or no-maintenance exhaust after-treatment systems (EAT), enabling them to meet EPA Tier 4 Final requirements while providing superior fuel efficiency.

The new EPA requirements for Tier 4 diesel engines need:

  • to cut Particulate matter (PM) emissions by 90%, an emission composed primarily of carbon soot and other combustion by-products
  • to cut Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) by 45%, an emission composed of nitrogen and oxygen

The DEUTZ Tier 4 engine lineup is also known for its low cost of ownership and compact physical sizes, relative to the amount of torque provided. Each engine is selected to best fit each JLG boom lift. Every DEUTZ Tier 4 engine delivers excellent power and torque, while providing industry leading gradeability and terrainability. Each diesel engine holds a capacity of 26 to 40 gallons, depending on the model.

On the jobsite, days are measured by productivity. Which means you need equipment that stands up to the day’s demands. JLG diesel powered boom lifts give you the maximum possible reach and height that you're money can buy!

Greater Height For No Greater Cost

JLG straight boom lifts provide the greatest horizontal reach time and time again. Featuring various platform heights starting from 40 feet to 185 feet, JLG telescopic boom lifts can outreach and out preform any other lift in the industry.

While straight boom lifts offer a stability and reach that allows you to reach higher and further than any other models.

Norris Sales offers a wide variety of JLG boom lifts for rent or sale at our locations in Conshohocken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ. We also offer parts and repairs in our state-of-the-art machine shop. Contact Norris Sales today and we can help you pick out the best telescopic boom lift for you!