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Link-Belt Excavators are perfect for Utility Work and Gas Line Trenches

Norristown, PA

A Peco contractor installs a new underground natural-gas main beneath Lafayette Street in Norristown. (Photo taken by EMILY COHEN/for The Inquirer)

This week a Norris Sales Link-Belt hydraulic excavator cleared a 7-foot-deep trench down the center of Lafayette Street in Norristown, PA for a new natural-gas main. 

Link-Belt hydraulic excavators are expertly designed for utility work. With bigger buckets, advanced hydraulic systems, and enhanced swing torque these machines lift more and dig deeper. The boom arm is tucked in closer to the machine, allowing increased maneuverability for moving in and out of tight work spaces and urban landscapes.

Because of Link-Belt excavators' superior industrial capabilities, Norris Sales' clients -- like the Utility Line Services Inc. of Conshohocken who is building the 7,000-foot-long underground gas main for Peco in Norristown -- are coming to buy and rent heavy machinery at affordable prices.

Norris Sales is at the forefront of the booming market, supplying the equipment contractors need!

Peco and other gas utility companies are under pressure from state and federal officials to retire aging and potentially unsafe pipes, like the brittle cast-iron main under Lafayette Street. This construction boom is great for local utility contractors, who are being hired to do the work.

In turn, Norris Sales is right in the mix providing the necessary heavy machinery to utility contractors to help complete the work in an efficient and timely manner.

Laborers open a trench for a new gas main on Lafayette Street in Norristown. (Photo taken by EMILY COHEN/for The Inquirer)

Laborers open a trench for a new gas main on Lafayette Street in Norristown. (Photo taken by EMILY COHEN/for The Inquirer)


Norris Sales carries X4 Series excavators from LBX Company's signature excavator collection. Big enough for heavy digging and utility work in the field, yet light enough to get to and from the job site, Link-Belt excavators are the perfect fit for any industrial sized project.

Link-Belt excavators are made for multi-purpose use in multiple industrial settings; such as forestry, demolition, excavation and material handling.

Large Excavators for Industry Projects

Due to their size and powerful hydraulic systems, Link-Belt excavators are a leader in performance, serviceability, safety and comfort. Link-Belt’s line of X4 Series excavators have greater digging power, increased lift capacities, and better fuel economy to guarantee a productive work day.

As an Authorized Link-Belt Dealer, Norris Sales provides service and technical support for LBX Company equipment. Both of Norris Sales' locations carry replacement parts for LBX Company equipment and also provides Link-Belt excavators and material handlers for rental and sale.