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Link-Belt Material Handlers Are Perfect For Scrap Processing and Demolition

Link-Belt 360 Material Handler

The dependable and powerful design of Link-Belt’s material handlers help improve fuel efficiency, lift height, operating capacity and overall performance of every machine. Link-Belt material handlers can be equipped with a variety of specialized attachments and components to complete scrap processing and demolition tasks.

Link-Belt material handling equipment has a proven record in the harshest, most demanding applications. These purpose-built machines feature heavy-duty, high-wide undercarriages, oversized turn tables, and larger drive motors for a long life of service.

Link Belt X4 Series Materials Handlers

The 380 X4 Material Handler is the perfect choice for medium-sized scrap yards, on-site demolition jobs, and sorting facilities. It’s the right size to tackle a wide range of applications, providing exceptional productivity to process and move material quickly.

A Variety of Attachments 

Depending on your needs, optional Link-Belt attachments include:

  • a droop-nose stick for dangle-style tools like magnets and grapples, for scrap yard applications 
  • a straight stick attachment with bucket cylinder and linkage, for demolition and sorting yard applications 
  • a complimentary tool such as a hammer, shear or processor, for processing all types of materials

With a Link Belt material handler equipped with straight stick and auxiliary hydraulics, you can install a quick-coupler to the straight stick for maximum versatility to quickly change out tools to a sorting grapple and you can process the entire job from beginning to end. Both the droop-nose and straight stick are equipped with an anti-interference device to help prevent tools from making contact with the cab.

Combining Power with Excellence

LBX material handlers are built to exceed all expectations. With redesigned the control functions, the hydraulic system reduces pressure loss and distribute hydraulic oil more smoothly, significantly improving cycle times.

The 380 X4 Material Handler is perfect for unloading a wide variety of vehicles, from pick-up trucks to semi tractor-trailers and railcars. With its hydraulic cab riser, the operator can easily see down into truck trailers and containers to quickly unload material while minimizing damage to container walls.

Getting from job-to-job is a cinch because of the material handler's ability to tuck the stick and run down the road without having to worry about overhead restrictions or required special permits.

Link-Belt Material Handlers Available in Philadelphia, South Jersey

As an Authorized Link-Belt Dealer, Norris Sales provides service and technical support for LBX Company equipment. Both of Norris Sales' locations carry replacement parts for LBX Company equipment and also provides Link-Belt excavators and material handlers for rental and sale. 

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