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Link-Belt 380 X4 Material Handler

Operating Weight 103,617 lbs

Link-Belt X4 Series Material Handlers are built to exceed your expectations. All scrap metal and all other large materials can be handled with ease by using a variety of different attachments. The Link-Belt 380 X4 Material Handler is a perfect fit for any project.

A Powerful and Excellent Material Handler

Link-Belt X4 Series Material Handlers redesigned the control spools and incorporated spool stroke control (SSC) functions into the hydraulic system to reduce pressure loss and distribute hydraulic oil more smoothly, improving cycle times by up to 11%. Expect more power and fuel efficiency, thanks to an innovative Final Tier 4 engine that delivers up to 27% improved fuel consumption, without a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to maintain or replace!

Easy to Use for Anyone

Settle in to the roomiest, most accommodating cab in its class, with more legroom and a new high-back, heated seat. Their exclusive SteadyCab™ anti-vibration system provides shift-long comfort and productivity. Serviceability is standard, too, with convenient access to all service points, easily accessed by hand.


  • Operating Weight - 47 metric tons
  • Operating weight - 103,617 lbs
  • Swing Torque - 110,600 lbf-ft
  • Swing Speed - 0-7.5
  • Engine Make - Isuzu
  • Engine Model - AQ-6HK1X
  • Net HP - 268
  • Max travel speed - 2.8 mph


  • Three power modes (Speed Priority, Heavy and Applied Power) let you choose the best blend of power, precision and fuel savings for the work you’re doing 
  • EPA Final Tier 4 engine is fuel efficient without sacrificing power 
  • No DPF to ever worry about! 
  • 2-3% DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) consumption rate of fuel burned 
  • Convenient access to routine service points lets you cut daily maintenance down to just minutes 
  • Quiet, pressurized cab offers excellent visibility and comfortable, best-in-class seating 
  • Enough floor space to accommodate the largest of work boots, with cup holders and roomy storage compartments for cell phones, snacks and other personal items 
  • Hydraulic elevating cab riser and SteadyCab™ anti-vibration system for increased comfort and stability 
  • Ergonomic joysticks fit your hand perfectly 
  • 7” high-definition LCD monitor keeps you connected to your machine and work environment 
  • 5 LED lights (2-cab, 2-arm and 1-RHS) are standard; optional LED for rear view 
  • Full-time, rear-view camera display is standard; add the WAVES™ option for a seamless 270° view around the machine; optional under-view camera instead of mirror 
  • RemoteCARE® telematics keeps a watchful eye on performance, maintenance intervals and theft deterrence 
  • Structural improvements to the boom and arm reduce stress and provide greater durability 
  • Robust undercarriage features up-sized components and thicker plating for longer life 
  • Arm top guard and adjustable flow for grapple rotate line 
  • Large step, catwalk with handgrip, handrails and ISO guard rails provide easy accessibility