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GEHL Skid Loaders

Gehl provide best in class skid loaders by combining high performance and high tractive forces. Their skid loaders embody durability and serviceability for maximum uptime and reliability.

Gehl skid loaders excel in excavating, grading and digging. Used across all industries, professionals rely on Gehl skid loaders for the demanding needs of contractors, municipalities, landscapers, mining, dairies and agricultural operations.

Radial Lift

Due to the thoughtful design to include radial lift, the maximum reach of a Gehl skid loader is greater at the middle of the lift height. This is highly beneficial for loading flatbed trucks, back-filling or dumping over a wall.

Vertical Lift

Gehl is pushing the limits of innovation and performance with its vertical-lift skid loaders. The high-strength and low-profile designs of all their skid loaders allows Gehl to increase operator visibility and lifts loads in a true vertical path.

Full-size skid loaders provide high performance and high tractive forces coupled with an impressive rated capacity of 4,000 lbs.