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Link-Belt X4 Series Excavators

An entire generation above the X3s, the LBX Company's line of X4 Series excavators have exceeded customer expectations for performance, comfort, serviceability, and safety.

The Link-Belt X4 excavator was designed with the user in mind. This excavator is one of the more powerful ones on the market with the ability to life heavier objects, quicker cycles, and improved digging power.

Reliable Performance

The X4 Series offers greater digging power, increase lift capacities, faster cycle times, and better fuel economy.

The entire X4 line, is made with superior sensors, which monitor the type of work being done and adjust hydraulic pressure accordingly, enabling the machine to work with the operator and enhancing power and precision. Engineered to exceed expectations and built to last, the X4 Series excavator is fit to usher in the new generation of Link-Belt excavators.

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