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DuraDeck is a strong, lightweight composite mat that is ideal for temporary access on most construction job sites.

DuraDeck highly portable access mats are designed to be used as turf protection and temporary roadways or pedestrian paths over otherwise impassable terrain. DuraDeck construction mats provide safe access for vehicles, equipment and personnel. DuraDeck is perfect for a wide range of construction and landscaping applications.

DuraDeck® by Signature Systems Group

Signature Systems Group manufactures innovative construction composite matting, stadium turf protection, sports flooring, ground protection, event floors and portable fencing. 

Founded in 1998, Signature spent the next ten years developing brands like ArmorDeck®, DuraDeck® MegaDeck® HD, UltraDeck, DanceDeck®, EventDeck®, HexaDeck® and many other innovative products into well-recognized names within the industry. To date, they have sold our industrial matting, fencing and flooring in more than 60 countries and many of the world’s highest profile events, making Signature the largest modular flooring and turf protection company in the world and transforming it into an iconic brand within the temporary surfacing industry.