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EZ Drill

E-Z Drill Inc., located in Perry, OK, designs and manufactures automatic drills and dowel drilling equipment. Norris Sales carries several types of doweling drill slab riders manufactured by E-Z Drill for construction, manufacturing and repair. 

E-Z Drill doweling drills are standard equipment for constructing airport runways, lane additions, full-depth repair, industrial and other utility and road construction projects. E-Z Drill also offers vertical drills for utilities and concrete drilling accessories such as dust-collection systems and pin-pullers. 

E-Z Drill doweling drills: USA made

E-Z Drill products are manufactured in a 22,000-square-foot facility in Perry, Okla. Norris Sales is proud to offer these high-quality drills for rent to customers out of our Conshohocken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ locations outside Philadelphia. 

Remember the E-Z Drill company motto: Precision. Speed. Reliability. The Yellow Drill Will.