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EZ Grout Corporation

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Grout work is the name of the game with this company, and they truly make it easy. EZ Grout is a state of the art fabrication and design shop located in Southeastern Ohio. New, cutting edge technology makes these grout mixers and delivery systems easy to clean and use, extremely versatile, and durable enough for any job. 

These machines are capable of sitting on the ground, being lifted by a fork lift, or overhung by a crane. Available in gas or hydraulic models, these machines easily adapt to your current lineup of construction equipment. Need to get some height but don’t have a forklift or crane to bring the delivery system up? No problem. We carry leg extensions as well as a model specifically designed for uphill use. 

Grout mixers for construction

Come into the Norris Sales showrooms in Conshohocken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ for help with all of your grouting needs.