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Honda Power Equipment

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You know how everyone says a Honda engine will run forever?  Yeah, well that doesn’t just apply to their cars. Honda pumps, generators, and snow blowers are equally durable and reliable. An independent survey of construction and industrial users has rated Honda the #1 generator 7 years in a row. Honda has a legendary reputation for performance, durability, and reliability. Look for Honda's exclusive iAVR technology, which ensures a consistent flow of power regardless of the load, so there is no need to worry about power fluctuations ruining your valuable tools. 

Honda pumps, generators, snow blowers

Power any space and turn ponds into puddles with our wide variety of pumps and generators suitable for almost any job imaginable. Need any of these products in an emergency? No problem there either. We rent this equipment as well as sell it and it is available for as long as you need it. Visit our showroom in Conshohocken, PA or Sicklerville, NJ to see our prominent display of Honda equipment.