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Toro / Toro Dingo

Toro Company and Toro Dingo

Toro is ready to provide you with the products to complete the perfect landscape; they carry all types of products to assist in a project every step of the way. These products include cement mixers, stump grinders, trenchers, and trench rollers. Then Toro acquired Dingo, which was the beginning of the Toro Dingo product line. This line includes compact loaders, back hoes, and a variety of head attachments to assist in landscaping.

Hole-in-One for Landscaping Maintenance

Toro is the worldwide leader in keeping any type of lawn in perfect shape! Their equipment can be used for the backyard or for the golf course. Any lawn or sporting field can be made to look perfect with the help of Toro Dingo products!

Perfect Equipment for Driveways and Walkways in Philadelphia

Every front yard that is kept well needs to be accompanied by a good looking driveway and a beautiful walkway to the front door, which can be done with Toro’s products! Their products will help not only help to finish the pathway or driveway, but help in the preparation of the cement. Toro’s equipment will assist you all the way! Toro Dingo products are available at both Norris Sales locations in Conshohocken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ.