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4 Reasons to invest in Takeuchi Track Loaders

Conshohoken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ

Superior maneuverability, extreme versatility, minimal ground disturbance, and flexibility on tight jobsites.

Track Loaders are known for their compact size and interchangeable attachments, but there is more to them than meets the eye. They are much more maneuverable than much larger dozers and more versatile than heavy-duty excavators and material handlers. Track loaders are the perfect, all-in-one construction equipment. 

Choosing the Right Compact Track Loader

When deciding which brand of track loader to use for your next project, consider Takeuchi! Takeuchi track loaders are top of their field and deliver unmatched performance. They are a viable and versatile tool in the excavation industry.

Below are four reasons why Takeuchi is the right choice for you.

1. Superior Maneuverability

Because Takeuchi's line of track loaders have slower travel speeds and a wider tread, they are better able to operate in adverse ground conditions and soft underfoot conditions like mud or snow. This means they can also handle steep and uneven inclines.

2. Extreme Versatility

Takeuchi track loaders have been dubbed the 'jack-of-all-trades' in the heavy equipment industry. One track loader can complete a variety of jobs in limited-access areas with several interchangeable attachments, reducing the need for wheelbarrows and shovels. Takeuchi attachments include a dozer blade, trencher, pallet forks, multi-purpose buckets, and more!

3. Minimal Ground Disturbance

With wide, rubber tracks, Takeuchi's line of track loaders offer low ground pressure and significant increases in mobility on soft, muddy and unpaved conditions. This is very helpful for projects where the ground condition need to be preserved, like gardens or fields. 

4. Maximum Flexibility

Takeuchi track loaders' compact size allows them to work in small spaces and move around tight corners. They can also travel through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease. This is very helpful for urban construction.

Norris Sales is an Authorized Takeuchi Dealer

As an Authorized Dealer, Norris Sales offers Takeuchi rental, sales and parts at our headquarters in Conshohoken, PA and our secondary facility in Sicklerville, NJ. Maintenance and service for Takeuchi equipment is also available at both our locations.

Norris Sales is proud to partner with Takeuchi to further expand our selection of construction equipment, already the best in the Delaware Valley.

Takeuchi TL12 Pushing Down Dirt