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Choosing Between Radial Lift and Vertical Lift GEHL Skid Loaders

Invest in the right GEHL skid loader for your job.

GEHL skid loader models and lift configurations are better suited to certain tasks than others. Depending on your work load and task, radial lifts and vertical lifts are suited for a particular type of job.

You can spot the difference in lift capabilities in the swing arc geometry of the skid loader from about 3 feet off the ground to full height. Once it begins to raise, the radial-lift skid loader swings out in an arc before reaching its peak height. The vertical-lift skid loader arm raises straight up.

Radial vs Vertical Lifts

The major difference between the radial-lift and vertical-lift skid steer is the geometry of each lift arm. The choice between radial lift or vertical lift systems really boils down to your application. A GEHL radial-lift skid loader will perform the same job as a GEHL vertical-lift skid loader, but there are certain tasks that each loader preforms better than the other.

Radial Lift

A radial lift skid loader keeps the maximum reach at the middle of its lift height. This is highly beneficial for loading flatbed trucks and back-filling.

GEHL radial-arm skid steers are best used for:

  • excavating
  • grading and site prep
  • digging below grade
  • loading and unloading flatbeds
  • breaking and prying applications

If strength, stability, and durability are your focal points, a radial lift arm loader may be for you.

Vertical Lift

A vertical lift skid loader keeps the load closer to the machine through much of the lift cycle and it offers a greater overall lift height. If you are loading a lot of dirt into a dump truck, the vertical-lift skid steer is the machine for the job.

GEHL vertical-arm skid steers best used for:

  • material handling
  • landscaping
  • pallet fork work
  • load and carry applications 

If you are uncertain what your job may throw at you, the versatility of a vertical lift arm loader may be the ideal choice.

Choosing the right Skid Loader 

Gehl skid loaders are used across all industries, but some skid loaders are better suited for certain jobs. Before making any decisions, make sure that you are choosing the option that is most suitable for your needs.  Talk to a Norris Sales representative and they can assist you in picking out the right GEHL skid loaders with the specific lift capabilities for your project.

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