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Clean like a Pro with Shark Pressure Washers

Shark offers a full line of pressure washers, from economical residential-grade machines to industrial-grade with professional performance.

Shark Kärcher Group offers a full line of pressure washers, from economical residential-grade machines to industrial-grade with professional performance. All models are durable, reliable and built-to-last.

Work with Shark pressure washers to clean large flat surfaces, high up house eaves and gutters, and hard to reach.

Shark Kärcher Group

Shark Kärcher Group is the leading manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment in North America. With more than 20 years of combined expertise, Shark offers rugged, reliable, and affordable pressure washers for professionals and homeowners alike. 

Offering over 40 models of pressure washers, Shark has a unit to suit any environment or application. Whether you need gas or electric powered, portable or stationary designs, you can rely on Shark hot water pressure washers to get the job done.

While renting can be a smart option, buying a Shark Kärcher power washer for your business can be a wise decision as well.  The engineering and craftsmanship of the Shark pressure washer line are renowned thanks to the equipment’s simple design, durability, oversized components and many safety features. 

Cold Water Pressure Washers

Invest in the economical solution to cleaning dust, dirt and road debris off surfaces with Shark cold water pressure washers.

Shark's gas-powered cold water pressure washers are no slouch when it comes to tough cleaning and material-removal jobs. The variable pressure wand allows for convenience in altering the pressure with the twist of a handle, and the easy-to-attach down-stream detergent injector with safety hose guard offers the best operator protection against bursts.

Hot Water Pressure Washers

Shark’s line of hot water pressure washers offer the perfect the solution to cleaning oil, grease and grime off surfaces.

Shark's electric-powered hot water pressure washers provide the most effective cleaning when the need for portability is minimal. The electric-powered power washers are also great for cleaning indoors where gas fumes are a concern. Meanwhile, gasoline-powered hot water pressure washers offer an alternative portable design with a heavy-duty components and rugged steel chassis to withstand the most rigorous outdoors conditions and all-terrain maneuvering.

Norris Sales is your Shark Kärcher Group Dealer

With the merging of Shark and Kärcher, Norris Sales customers reap the benefits of a one-stop shop for pressure washers and supplies.

Visit our superstores in Conshohocken, PA or Sicklerville, NJ to see our huge selection of hot-water and cold-water pressure washers from the Shark Kärcher Group. Contact a representative today »

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