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Customer Service Keeps Us Going

Norris Sales saves the day

Seaview Harbor, NJ

Don, I would like to compliment the way you have managed the growth of your company. It has grown incredibly from when we met 35-40 years ago but has maintained the same qualities it had as a small company. This is seldom achieved.

I had not adequately reset my brain to the fact that you have a New Jersey branch and that you now are heavy into scissor lifts.

We had a problem on a Friday afternoon when a lift broke down in a very bad place that it couldn’t be left for the weekend. I called the Pennsylvania company that normally services our lifts and understandably, they directed me to their  South Jersey branch. This branch has serviced some of our lifts before but they don’t know us like the Pa. branch does. Most of our approx 25 lifts of various makes, sizes, and ages came from and have been serviced and inspected by the Pa branch.

When I called the South Jersey Branch I encountered one of the rudest individuals that I’ve ever spoken to in an equipment company. He told me that no way could they help me on a Friday afternoon. As much as I needed help, I totally understood that reality. The individual then told me that they were so busy keeping their rental fleet going that it would take them almost a month to get to me and that’s if I was lucky. That statement was made with incredible attitude!

When I got off of that call and was trying to think of who I could call Norris Sales came to mind. I called the Pa office where they politely transferred my call to your NJ branch. Now talking to a branch that didn’t know my company and realizing it was a Friday afternoon I truthfully didn’t expect much. Especially after talking with the Jersey branch of a national company that should have known me and being basically insulted.  Wow was I wrong. Your NJ branch could not have been nicer or more responsive. They actually got the mechanic on the phone to attempt to help us get it going without them coming out. This showed that they truly care about a customer’s situation.  When this failed they sent a mechanic. Aaron was the mechanic that showed up. He could not have been nicer or more professional. He quickly got the lift temporally operational and ordered the part for the permanent fix.

Believe me, when we need lift service in South Jersey in the future Norris will be the first call.

Thank You.

Kevin Kohler
John C. Kohler Co.
Mechanical Contractors
(215) 855-7000

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