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Get the Best with Magnum Extreme Weather Lighting Solutions

The Magnum MLT4060 is the perfect option if you're looking for a lighting situation in a challenging environment.

With extended run time, LED safety features and innovative engine technologies, Generac Magnum light towers provide non-stop performance in the most brutal of weather conditions. 

Generac Magnum leads the industry in innovative light tower solutions. Invest in a Magnum light tower that is easy to set-up and operate, has low maintenance expenses, and provides maximum power with a minimal footprint.

Magnum Power Products is a subsidiary of Generac Mobile Products. 

Generac Magnum Light Towers

Mobile diesel-powered light towers were the first product offered by the Magnum brand back in 1988. When Generac acquired the Magnum brand in 2011, they have kept the industry-leading light towers in their fleet, becoming the largest light tower manufacturer in the world.

The Best Nighttime Lighting System, No Matter The Weather

Magnum light towers are built and designed to withstand extreme environments, from deserts to tundra.  Magnum mobile light towers can be trusted to maximize uptime in the most extreme environments.

Made for the most extreme environments, the Magnum MLT4060 light tower is a heavy-duty and versatile lighting option. Four 1,000 watt metal halide lights fully illuminate up to seven acres and a 360 degree rotating mast lets you direct the light wherever you need it most.

Working in high winds? The Magnum MLT3060 light tower is flexible, durable, and able to withstand winds of up to 65 miles per hour. In fact, it is one of the most popular light towers on the market for a reason - no other light tower provides this kind of illumination while not sacrificing any portability or rotation.

Find Generac Magnum at Norris Sales

If you need a durable, reliable, portable lighting solution, Norris Sales has got you covered. Easy to use and transport, Magnum light towers are perfect for outdoor winter work when it is dark and snowy.

Visit our superstores in Conshohocken, PA or Sicklerville, NJ to see the unique variety of Generac products available, including Magnum pumps and light towers.