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Get Outstanding Performance With a Wacker Neuson Wheel Loader

Wacker Neuson designed their line of compact loaders to bring power and efficiency to any jobsite.

Wacker Neuson wheel loaders have a powerful four-wheel drive and turbo charged engine, allowing you to out perform any other wheel loader on rough terrain or adverse ground conditions. And with a variety of models and functions, you will always get the machine you need for a price you can afford.

Power Meets Performance with Wacker Neuson

Unlike their line of track loaders, Wacker Neuson’s wheel loaders are equipped with a powerful engine that deliver high performance. Designed for maximum efficiency, each wheel loader has a quick connect hydraulics system that allows for speedy removal and application of different attachments.

 Get the very most versatility and productivity with three different models of Wacker Neuson wheel loaders:

  • Tele-Wheel Loaders
  • All Wheel Steer Loaders
  • Articulated Wheel Loaders 

Tele-Wheel Loaders

Wacker Neuson telescopic wheel loaders are an undeniably great choice for your project needs, with a powerful telescopic lift arm that adds additional height and versatility to machine operation. It is perfect for any projects that involve stacking, dumping, and loading high-sided trucks or bins.

The telescopic wheel loader provides versatility when and where you need it most. This all purpose wheel loader features a long wheelbase for smooth driving and easy handling even across rough terrain.

All Wheel Steer Loaders

Wacker Neuson's line of all-wheel steer wheel loader offers you the power and capacity for larger jobs, but has a compact design to access hard to reach areas. Three steering modes (four-wheel, two-wheel and crab steering) are electronically synched and provide maximum maneuverability in any operating environment.

Get the best in the market with a 100-hp engine that delivers maximum power for lifting and hydraulic performance. The one-piece chassis and fixed center of gravity allows for constant payloads and increased stability.

Articulated Wheel Loaders

A Wacker Neuson articulated wheel loader provides excellent visibility, infinitely adjustable steering column, and platform is side tilting for better serviceability. The articulated pendulum joint makes the machine uniquely maneuverable and provides constant traction also on uneven ground.

The universal attachment plate allows you to attach most existing skid steer attachments according to your needs by using the various hydraulic connections.

Norris Sales is your Authorized Dealer

As an authorized dealer, Norris Sales offers Wacker Neuson rental, sales and parts at our headquarters in Conshohoken, PA and our secondary facility in Sicklerville, NJ. 

With a variety of compact skid steer AND track loader models to choose from, our staff will help you find the perfect Wacker Neuson loader to fit your project's needs! Contact a representative today!