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Keep Your Work Station Dust-free with DeWalt

DeWalt Vacuums and Dustless Accessories

DeWalt dust collection tools and accessories reduce silica exposure while delivering the performance you expect.

DeWalt dust collection and management systems reduce airborne dust and provide solutions for cutting, grinding and drilling. 

Apply DeWalt OSHA-compliant dustless solutions to your contracting business to insure the long-term health of your professional tradesmen. DeWalt dust collection tools and accessories reduce harmful silica exposure while delivering the performance you expect.

Keep your Workstation Spotless

DeWalt's line of vacuums and dustless systems are designed to provide a clean, safe, dust-free work environment that contributes to improved worker health and time management. And with attachments and accesories that are easy to use, portable and quiet, you always get the most powerful and reliable machines in the industry. 

DeWalt Dustless Attachments & Accessories

Never vacuum your work station again! Invest in DeWalt dustless attachments and accessories for a clean, precision work.

1. Cutting and Tuck-pointing Dust Shroud

The DWE46100 attachement is perfect for flush edge and open area cutting. The universal hose connection eliminates the need for user to tape hose to shroud.

2. Drill and Hammer Dust Extraction

The DWH050K attachment is perfect for keeping your drilling work area dust free. This model has two Interchangeable drilling heads for optimum dust removal, one for holes up to 1-1/2 inches and one for holes up to 2 inches.

3. Chiseling Dust Extraction

The DWH053K attachment offers a dustless solution for hammers and breakers. This model is compatible with all DeWalt hammers and breakers and fits the D25553K, D25651K, D25831K spline drive hammers.

4. Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

The DWE46170 attachment's universal connector allows you to lock onto any vacuum drum with a simple twist and click. This dustless model also features a dust collection solution for flush edge and open area grinding.

Norris Sales is your DeWalt Dealer

Norris Sales carries a variety of DeWalt vacuums and dustless systems at both our superstore locations in Conshohocken, AP and Sicklerville, NJ. Our inventory of DeWalt products expands beyond the standard inventory seen in most popular hardware and construction stores. 

We sell and rent multiple models of tool styles and are able to match you with the perfect tool for your specific job. Whether you need a tool to cut, scrape, saw, drill, hammer, grind, screw, or vibrate, we have the perfect one for you available from DeWalt.