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LayMor Sweeps Away the Competition

LayMor sweepers are great for sweeping dust, dirt, and debris from paved surfaces.

Looking for a sweeper that is easy to use, transport and maintain? LayMor has exactly what you need. LayMor sweepers are great for sweeping dust, dirt, and debris from paved surfaces. They do the job right the first time around.

Job Done Right

LayMor sweepers are completely tow-able without jacking, making them functional and easy to transport from job to job. And with their hydraulic power steering, every LayMor sweeper has excellent maneuverability while remaining operator friendly.

LayMor offers two different kinds of sweepers: ride-on and walk-behind.

Ride-On Sweepers

The 6HC Ride-On Sweeper is the machine of choice for milling and paving projects. With 6’ or 8’ brush options and a diesel 31.5 hp engine and nine-gallon fuel tank, this sweeper is all the functional power you'll need on your jobsite. A reverse alarm, front debris deflector, surge brakes, turn signal lights and a warning light package also make this sweeper safe and reliable.

The 8HC Ride-On Sweeper is great for sweeping dust, dirt, and debris from paved surfaces. Featuring hydraulic power steering for excellent maneuverability and easily accessible maintenance hatch for quick and simple service, this sweeper is one of the most operator friendly models on the market.

Walk-Behind Sweepers

LayMor's line of walk-behind floor sweepers are extremely reliable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The 3C Walk-Behind Sweeper from LayMor gets the job done on warehouse floors, machine shop floors, outside on sidewalks, patios and parking lots and just about anywhere the 40" wide brush can navigate.

The independently variable ground speed and broom speed can be matched for challenging sweeping conditions, allowing you to get the best result for the job at hand.

Norris Sales carries LayMor Sweepers

Norris Sales offers a variety of LayMor sweepers for rental or purchase. With ride-on and walk-behind options available, Norris Sales provides the very best sweepers in maneuverability and maintenance so you can be ready to keep your job site clear and clean every step of the way. 

LayMor machines, parts and services are available at both of our locations in Conshohocken, PA and Sicklerville, NJ. Contact us today!

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