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Make Every Dig Site Safe With Pro-Tec Trench Shielding & Shoring

Pro-Tec Equipment incorporates performance and safety features into all of their state-of-the-art trench shield and vertical shoring products.

Pro-Tec offers the best trench protection equipment in the industry. With shoring in both manual and hydraulic models, and several different sizes of shielding, Pro-Tec gives you the perfect fit and protection every time. 

Pro-Tec Equipment: Protection Engineered

Pro-Tec Equipment has been a leading producer and distributor of trench shield and trench shoring products since 1995.  

Pro-Tec incorporates performance and safety features into all of their state-of-the-art trench shield and vertical shoring products. Used effectively, Pro-Tec can safely help you clear span excavations, pipeline excavations, boring pits, pre-cast concrete structures, tank installations, cast-in-place concrete work, and much more.

Wall & Trench Shields

Aluminum trench shields are a lightweight solution to ensure safety during trench construction projects. The MOD trench shield series' strong design allows easy adjustment for height, length, number of panels and sides, and enables shield-building over T-connection pipes and other crossing utilities.

Pro Series trench shields are are available in 4”, 6” and 8” thick sidewalls. Each is designed to meet the depth and machine capacity for the intended project. 

Vertical Shoring

Pro-Tec's lightweight aluminum vertical shores are exceptionally strong, durable, portable and versatile. Strength is achieved with a high-yield aluminum construction, and cylinder pads are mounted flush, providing even load distribution on side rails.

The one-piece cylinder extensions can be installed easily on site to accommodate a variety of trench widths and a hinged design allows for fast knock-down and transport. Cylinder over sleeves are standard and bleed-off ports eliminate over-extension of cylinders to increase safety.

Norris Sales is your Pro-Tec Dealer

Norris Sales is proud to offer Pro-Tec Equipment products to contractors throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

With Pro-Tec products available for sale or rent, Norris Sales can match your economic needs with the perfect option for your worksite. Contact a representative today »