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Multiquip Provides Quiet and Dependable Welding Equipment

Multiquip welders deliver premium performance in sizes ranging from 135 amps to 500 amps.

Whether you are looking for a gasoline-powered machine for small repairs or a large diesel-powered machine for service truck or industrial applications, Multiquip has the best welders in the industry.

Multiquip Inc.: Top of the Line Manufacturer

Multiquip Inc. is a diverse manufacturer and supplier of world class quality industrial products and solutions. Founded in 1973, Multiquip continues to maintain high quality, reliable products for the construction, industrial markets.

Multiquip welders deliver premium performance in sizes ranging from 135 amps to 500 amps. Multiquip welders guarantee smooth arcs and more consistent, quality welds with the convenience of one-man or two man operation.

Quiet and Dependable Welding Performance

From gasoline-powered machines for small repairs to large diesel-powered machines for industrial applications, Multiquip has the perfect fit for you.


Each Multiquip welder has SmartStick™ technology. This sensor automatically shuts off the engine during periods of no load and restarts it when the operator strikes the welding rod. The variable sensor — adjustable from one to 30 minutes — enables the operator to select the optimum working conditions and reduce fuel consumption.

Similarly the E-Mode improves fuel efficiency by allowing the operator to weld with the engine at idle speed at up to 200 to 240 amps, depending on the model. This standard feature greatly reduces operating costs and noise levels. 

Optional remote control allows operator to adjust amperage up to 100 feet away from the machine. When added to the DLW 300 ESA or DLW 400 ATMP models, this option allows for two operators to weld simultaneously each with their own remote control.


Trailers can be outfitted on all Multiquip welders with an extended runtime fuel cell, welding cable carriers and a large capacity tool box.

Additional available accessories include welding cables, wire remotes, battery tenders, fuel heaters, trailers and wheel kits. 

Norris Sales is your Multiquip Dealer

Whether you need a high-performance welder for consistent welding quality or you need a tow-behind welder for a job on-the-go, Norris Sales offers whatever you need from Multiquip's world class quality product line.

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