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Norris Sales Attends NJLM Conference 2018

Atlantic City Convention Center

Norris Sales Attends NJLM Conference 2018

Norris Sales representatives from Sicklerville, NJ are attending the NJLM Conference in Atlantic City from November 13 - 15, 2018. The 103rd League Conference rolls out inspiration to plan for the future with a theme of "Municipalities Leading the Way".  

The theme word ‘municipality’ is derived from the Latin term municipium. That term can best be translated as “duty holders.” And the duty that municipal officials hold most dear is the duty to lead the way.

About NJLM Conference 2018

This year the New Jersey League of Municipalities hosts their 103rd Annual Conference – the largest municipal conference in the Country. 

The New Jersey League of Municipalities hold the duty to preserve the best of what our predecessors have given to this generation of citizens and their leaders. The League holds the duty to do what is best for current residents of, and visitors to, our hometowns. And they hold the duty to plan, to prepare, and to pass on to those who will follow them, communities that are ready to prosper in the future.

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