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Put Your Work In Its Best Light with Allmand

Allmand Night-Lite™ V-Series®

Keep your project moving along with Allmand lighting solutions. Allmand provides enough light to power through projects all day and night.

Allmand Lighting Systems

Whether working in construction, mining, oil & gas or the rental market, you want jobsite lighting that won’t fail you when you need it most. Put your work in its best light with Allmand Lighting Systems.

You’re looking for reliability, service, support, and no excuses. Allmand understands that there are no off hours; you can trust our best-in-class light towers to maximize your jobsite and keep it running all through the night. 

Allmand constantly strives to provide innovative lighting solutions; their light tower designs include exclusive 1,250-watt metal halide SHO-HD® light system which has a higher light output than competitive units in its class… and as long as 75 hours of run time. 

As a long-time manufacturer of high-performance portable equipment, Allmand expands its line of light towers with the Night-Lite™ V Series®.

The Night-Lite™ V-Series®

The Night-Lite V Series design stemmed from customer feedback. The ROI-driven, vertical mast design is built specifically to provide efficiency, durability, and performance. The Night-Lite V Series boasts a longer run time and brighter output than competitive units in its class and is strong enough for repeated uses for the rigors of any construction site.

The V Series also incorporates Allmand’s SLS™ Sequenced Lighting System. The system automatically turns on the lights after the engine is started and delays engine shutdown until after the lights are off, preventing the generator from shutting down while under load.

The compact size of the Night-Lite V Series allows for 20 units to easily fit on a flatbed trailer for efficient transportation with low freight costs. The light towers also take up less space, allowing for greater use of storage space.

Norris Sales is your Allmand Supplier

Norris Sales offers Allmand Brothers rental, sales, and parts at our headquarters in Conshohoken, PA, and secondary facility in Sicklerville, NJ. Maintenance and service for Allmand lighting equipment is also available at both our locations.

Norris Sales is proud to partner with Allmand to further expand our selection of construction equipment, already the best in the Delaware Valley.