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Roll Over the Competition with Wacker Neuson Trench Rollers

Wacker Neuson’s line of rollers offers optimum compaction results with excellent maneuverability, gradeability and stability.

Wacker Neuson’s line of rollers offers optimum compaction results on a variety of cohesive soils for both commercial and residential projects.

Compaction Equipment from Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson rollers are designed for excellent traction in a variety of conditions, enhancing productivity and safety. Get outstanding performance and even coverage at faster speeds with the level of quality that comes with Wacker Neuson’s equipment.

Wacker Neuson’s vibration technology offers deep compaction for a high quality finish for asphalt and soil applications. No matter the job, Wacker Neuson rollers insure your satisfaction and ease of use!

Roll over the competition with Wacker Neuson! Wacker Neuson’s full line of trench rollers offer the best in compaction versatility, maneuverability, gradeability and stability.

Vibratory Trench Rollers

The RT series trench roller from Wacker Neuson is ideally suited for the compaction of of cohesive soils, excavations and sub bases of foundations, roads and parking lots.

The RT models are available in two different drum sizes; 32 in (82 cm) and 22 in (56 cm) drum width. The remote control system uses infrared technology for maximum safety.

  • The machine is disabled as soon as the line of sight between operator and device is lost.
  • The proximity recognition sensor stops the RT as soon as it moves within 2 meters of the operator.

The RT trench roller offers a choice of high or low compaction force to fit a variety of conditions and applications. The articulated joint increases the maneuverability around curved building segments, such as manhole covers, without tearing up the ground that has just been compacted.

Norris Sales is your Authorized Dealer

As an authorized dealer, Norris Sales offers Wacker Neuson rental, sales and parts at our headquarters in Conshohoken, PA and our secondary facility in Sicklerville, NJ. 

With a variety of trench rollers to choose from, our staff will help you find the perfect Wacker Neuson compaction solution to fit your project's needs! Contact a representative today!

Trench compaction with the roller RT | Wacker Neuson