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Selecting the Right Plate Compactor for the Job

Multiquip’s plate compactors feature a single cast base-plate and eccentric housing to enhance durability, serviceability and performance.

Plate compactors can be used to compact sub base soils and asphalt on driveways, parking lots and repair jobs. They are also useful in confined areas where a larger roller may not be able reach. But when it comes to selecting the right plate compactor, contractors have a few options to consider.

World Class Compactors from Multiquip

Multiquip has built a reputation on providing the most innovative, lowest maintenance and most productive rammers in the business. High performance and unparalleled reliability have made Multiquip's plate compactors the #1 Choice in the equipment rental industry and the standard among contractors everywhere.

Multiquip carries a full range of plate compactors – from single-plate tampers to high performance and heavy-duty rammers – allowing you to get the best compaction and smoothest job possible.

What to Consider When Buying

Buy buying or renting a plate compactor  it is important to look at more than just price. Make sure you find a plate the suits the types of jobs it will be used on, and make sure it has the features to get the job done.

1. Anti-vibration Handle

Anti-vibration handles cut down on vibration transfer from the plate to the operator.

The anti-vibration system (AVS) on Multiquip machines help reduce operator fatigue, creating more comfort for the operator. This innovative system makes it easier for the operator to maneuver on asphalt, and is less apt to do any cutting or tearing of the material.

2. Plate Shape

The shape of the base plate also affects compaction. A curved plate can make turning easier and prevent the plate from gouging the asphalt.

Single-plate compactors go in a forward direction only, and are probably the most popular choice for smaller asphalt jobs. Reversible plates can go in both forward and reverse, and some also operate in a hover mode. Reversible and high performance/heavy-duty plate compactors are often used for sub base or deeper depth compaction.

3. Removable Water Tank

Increase jobsite efficiency with a removable water tank on your plate compactor. Removable without tools, operators will be able to easily refill the tank, which are the largest in class with 13.7 quart capacity.

Multiquip's machines also have a self-contained water shut-off valve, so no power or signal connections are required. If the water temperature exceeds the valve set point, the valve automatically opens to allow cooler supply water to refill the pump as the hot water is discharged.

4. Swinging Handle

A swinging handle can also make maneuverability easier for an operator. Depending on the mount location it gives operators a different swing range and also different heights as operators swing the plate handle forward.

Multiquip mounts their handles in the center, allowing the operating height of the handle to be more level in either direction and more comfortable for the operator.

5. Cyclonic Air Filtration System 

Cyclonic pre-cleaner air filtration captures 98% of airborne environmental particles and contaminants for engine protection and extended service life.

Multiquip plate compactors have new cyclone air filters, which triples the amount of clean air to the engine, lengthening component life and maintenance intervals.

Norris Sales is Your Multiquip Dealer

A plate compactor is a key element in paving and pavement maintenance. Norris Sales offers Multiquip's world class quality plate compactors for purchase and rent.

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