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Toro Dingo Backhoe Attachment - 23163

Compact for Small Spaces; Hydraulic Powered

This powerful attachment can be used for various jobsite activities - digging foundations, planting trees, trenching for irrigation and utilities installation and much more. The Toro Dingo backhoe attachment is the very best option for smaller excavation jobs in compact situations, with unmatched versatility and usability.

Toro Dingo Backhoe: Compact and Powerful

The Toro Dingo backhoe attachment does the heavy lifting (and digging, trenching, installing) in compact areas that previously could only be worked with hard labor. The backhoe mounts on the Toro Dingo compact utility loader in minutes, greatly increasing the diversity and functionality of your Toro Dingo system. Toro Dingo Backhoe attachments are available at Norris Sales' Plymouth Meeting, Pa. and Sicklerville, N.J. locations.   

Key Features and Benefits

  • Incredible hydraulic power
  • Compact for small spaces
  • Easily attaches in under 2 minutes


  • Compact Size - Narrow enough so you can bring hydraulic power to tight areas; through doorways and gates previously accessible only by manual labor. Plus it provides zero radius turn capability for unmatched maneuverability.
  • Hydraulic Swing Pivot - Dual cylinders control the side to side swing pivot. This creates additional strength for back filling and provides smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic Stabilizers - Hydraulic fold-down stabilizers give excellent stability even in the tightest spaces!


  • Ground Clearance: 3"
  • Standard Equipment: Flush face Quick Couplers


  • 9" (23 cm) Backhoe Bucket - Fits Toro backhoe. (Part #: 110-0065)
  • 16" (40.6 cm) Backhoe Bucket - Fits Toro backhoe. (Part #: 110-0066)
  • Backhoe Fit-up Kit - Allows the backhoe to fit either wheeled or tracked models.
    • Model 23161 Dingo wheeled fit-up kit.
    • Model 23162 Dingo TX fit-up kit.

Toro® Dingo® Backhoe Attachment