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825 lb. Hydraulic Hammer - TNB-5M

825 Pound Backhoe and Mini Excavator Attachment

Toku's TNB breakers deliver exceptional impact energy, long life and low operating costs. They minimize operator fatigue and environmental impact. These unique benefits are due to an innovative blend of a simple yet efficient design and advanced "accumulator free" technology. With a complete range of 15 breakers based on the same design philosophy, TNB breakers are ideal for applications from construction and demolition to rental, recycle, mining and quarrying.

Striker Design Concept

  • Adaptable: The Toku breakers are not sensitive to system backpressure and can be powered by the wide variety of carriers in the field. With Toku's innovative side plate and bracket system, one breaker can be moved from one machine to another with simple pin and bushing changes so you get more return on your investment. For example, one hammer will fit a skid steer loader and is then easily moved to a compact excavator.
  • User Friendly: Using a low-pressure nitrogen charge, the Toku breaker cushions every blow. This reduces wear and tear on the carrier and adds to operator comfort.
  • Low Operating Costs: Featuring only two moving parts and few seals, Toku breakers offer more "up-time" and simple, in the field maintenance. When a repair is required the Toku breaker will be back on the job quickly and at a reasonable cost.


Manufacturer Toku America
Model Year 2013
Model TNB-5M
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Weight 671 lbs. (305 kg) 1 pc top mount type
  693 lbs. (315 kg) 2 pc top mount type
Fuel Gas Pressure: 114 psi (8 Bar)
Strikes per Minute 550 - 1,000 bpm
Energy per Strike 825 ft. lbs. (1,120 J)