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Loader Backhoe - 580 M

Horsepower - 79 h.p. Operating Weight - 13,359 lb.

The axle on a Case 580 M Loader Backhoe provides 15 percent more pushing power in first and second gears, meaning you get a fuller bucket more quickly. The PCS provides precise control and eliminates over-swing for faster cycle times and accurate placement of buckets or attachments. Yet, the operator can still "feel" buried objects. An anti-rebound feature cushions quick stops. Floor-to-ceiling, curved glass and the Case trademark narrow backhoe boom provide optimum visibility to the trench or work area. Electronic auxiliary control for the loader provides precise, easy control of attachments. Electronic fuel injection and cold-start capability.

  • Net Engine Power - 79 h.p.
  • Operating Weight - 13,359 lb.