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Revolution Traffic Cone - RS70032C

Orange, Wide Body, 28 in. Tall, 7 lb.

Featuring the circle interlocking system and leveling differential mechanism, the JBC Safety Revolution Traffic Cone deliver outstanding performance under the harshest conditions. Manufactured using premium grade PVC Injection molding technology, resulting in the most durable traffic cones on the market today.

The JBC Revolution Series utilize premium grade PVC injection molding technology to produce extremely durable traffic cones.

A winning combination of premium grade PVC, premium fluorescent orange materials and 3M High Intensity Grade Series 3840 Reflective Sheeting, the JBC Safety Wide Body traffic cones are a revolution in durability and performance. 3M High Intensity Grade Series 3840 Reflective Sheeting is made specifically for the shape and chemistry of PVC traffic cones. Its unique design provides excellent wide angle reflectivity, giving the cone its full width appearance at night. The reflective cone collars are bonded to the cone with pressure-sensitive adhesive that stands up to repeated abuse, even after multiple impacts by a large truck traveling at speeds of 50mph.

The inside of these traffic cones feature a special "basketball grip" texture unique to JBC cones that ensures cones will not stick together when stacked. They're easy to install and pick up after work has been completed, and easy to separate when you're ready to start again.

* 3M High Intensity Grade Series 3840 Reflective Sheeting
* Premium Fluorescent Orange materials used throughout
* Strong mechanism foundation absorbs huge amounts of force from impact without causing damage to the cone
* Special "basketball grip" technology
* 6" and 4" Reflective Cone Collars
* Complies with MUTCD requirements for highway and utility use

JBC Revolution Series Cone Crash Test - Gerry Appelbaum