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FallTech Starter Kit - 9505Z

Personal Fall Arrest Starter Kit

A basic fall protection starter kit, featuring a standard, non-belted harness and a shock absorbing lanyard, compiled with the purpose of providing the essentials of personal fall arrest for a newcomer to the field. While fall protection systems may change depending on the requirements of the job, the fundamentals never go out of style.

The harness is the main component of the Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS), while the shock absorbing lanyard acts as a deceleration device designed to stop falls quickly while limiting the stropping force suffered by the user. The Starter Kit can be used in a variety of settings, from industrial and construction activities to house repair and ladder-use.

FallTech Starter Kit Features:

  • Conveniently pre-selected basic components of a personal fall arrest system:
  • UniFit full body harness
  • Single leg shock absorbing lanyard

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