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Silent Messenger


With a giant 126" by 76" display panel featuring the latest in anti-glare technology, the Silent Messenger by Solar Tech is the premier portable dynamic message sign on the market.

Featuring four 6-volt, heavy duty batteries and a 150W solar array, the Silent Messenger provides excellent portability without sacrificing performance.

The Silent Messenger by Solar Tech is perfect for applications in traffic control, for use at sporting events, or any other function where a written message needs to be prominently displayed. There's a reason that the Silent Messenger is the portable dynamic message sign of choice at the Philadelphia Stadium Complex - its combination of performance, mobility, and ease of use make it the perfect tool for the job.

Panel Size: 126" x 76" (320cm x 193cm) - 27x48 pixels 2.6 in. (6.6cm) pitch
Solar Array: 150W
Batteries: Four (4) 6-Volt Heavy-Duty, Deep-Cycle (GC-2)
Battery Charger: 30 Amp output (115 VAC 50/60 Hz Input)
Height (transporting position): 103" (261cm)
Height (operating position): 162" (412cm)
Weight: 2,400 lbs. (min) - 2,960 lbs. (max)