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12 Cubic-Foot Toro Mortar Mixer

Engine - Honda® GX340, Weight - 1,073 lbs.

The 11 HP Gas Stone Mortar Mixer by Toro is perfect for a multitude of mixing applications. The Toro mortar mixer offers contractors an extreme-duty mixer that features a unique drum profile and patented paddle configuration to mix mortar more quickly and completely than other mixers.

Perfect for contractor use, Toro's largest mortar mixer features a generous 3-4 bag capacity, durable steel drum, and fully enclosed drive for heavy-duty use. Tow poles sold separately, choose from three tow pole options: pintle, stamped or forged.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Patented drum latch and front post latch located where operator stands for easy use. Operator can easily release the drum latch with his knee if his hands are occupied while dumping.
  • Multi-point bag splitter resists bending and makes easy work of tough plastic bag liners
  • Lift-away heavy-duty safety guards optimize operator protection and easy cleaning access
  • Patented guard lifter automatically moves the guard out of the way while the mix is dumped.


  • Capacity: 12 cu. ft. (3 - 4 bags)
  • Engine: Honda® GX340
  • Wheels: B78 x 13 (25" (64 cm) diameter) High-speed tires, Tapered roller bearings, 56" (142 cm) Axle/Cantilever Springs
  • Weight: 1,073 lbs (487 kg)

Additional Photos

Toro MM-12511H-S Mortar Mixer GX340
Toro Mortar Mixer
Toro Mortar Mixer

Toro® Ultramix Mortar Mixer