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The Breather Box

High Performance Portable Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration System


The Breather Box is a portable Grade-D filtration system designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers. The system filters incoming air from a compressor to provide respirator users with Grade-D quality air and monitors for CO and/or Oxygen.

The firts stage element filters bulk water and particulated and has an auto drain. The second stage coalescing filter eliminates atomized oils, mists, ultra-Fine particulates, and has an auto drain. The third stage filter removes organic vapors and odors and has a manual drain. Filter change indicators are standard on all three stages of filtration. Filtration efficiency is 99.99% at .01 micron. All Breather Boxes are designed to be used in the upright and closed position to prevent internal contamination.

The standard carbon monoxide (C0) airline monitor operates on disposable 9-volt batteries, 8-16 vold DC, or 115 VAC for continuous air monitoring. An extternal audible alarm and light signals the workers of high CO content. A remote alarm jack is provided on all models except for Model BB15-CO. Point-of-Attachment (POA) boxes can extend respirator usage beyond 300 feet.