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GEHL Vertical Lift - Skid Loader - V400

Max Lift Capacity - 4000 lb., Horsepower - 99 hp.

Gehl regains the throne in the skid loader market with the all-new V400 skid loader. With 4,000 lbs. of rated operating capacity and 12 feet of lift height, the V400 is the world's largest skid loader. Norris Sales rents these powerful, market-leading machines at our Conshohocken, Pa. and Sicklerville, N.J. locations. 

Skid Loaders can be used for a various of different projects. These projects can be as small as digging up a new garden in the yard or bigger such as construction work on a road.

The V400 provides the same comfort and cutting edge styling as the V270 and V330, but provides the extra strength necessary to take on the largest jobs with ease.

Powerful with extra forward reach at the top and middle of the lift cycle, this new skid loader rounds out the top of the Gehl skid loader product offering. Whether you need extra capacity or high pin heights, the V400 is the machine for your needs. 

V400 Vertical-lift skid loader

A few key features of the Gehl V400 vertical-life skid loader include:

  • Cummins Tier III turbocharged diesel engine with 326 ft. lbs. (442 Nm) of torque, provides the power to handle the largest jobs with ease.
  • Industry-leading performance with 4,000 pound (1814 kg) rated operating capacity, the highest operating capacity of all skid steer loaders.
  • The exclusive Gehl vertical-lift boom design delivers true vertical lift for easy truck and material loading, as compared to the 's-shaped' path found on competitive models.
  • State-of-the-art operator's cab features unsurpassed ergonomics and superior comfort.
  • Extra-long wheelbase (54.6 inches/1387 mm) and standard Hydraglide™ ride control enhance stability and provide a smoother ride.


The Gehl V400 skid loader is a shining example of Gehl's superior innovation and well thought-out product development.

  • Vertical-lift boom offers customers enhanced strength and 144" (3647 mm) of lift height. 
  • Standard Hydraglide™ ride control system allows the lift arm to "float" when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material, and increased operator comfort.
  • Redesigned chassis aids in superior weight distribution, which further enhances stability.
  • Electronic engine control and electronic foot and electronic hand throttles allow operation at partial throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption.
  • Two-speed drive as standard equipment, provides travel speeds up to 11.2 mph.
  • Cummins QSB 4.5 Tier III diesel engine provides a generous power-to-weight ratio.
  • Turbocharged engine produces 326 ft.-lbs. (442 Nm) of peak torque and 99 gross horsepower (74 kW).

Operator's Cab

The operator's compartment on the V400 skid loader provides a safe and comfortable working environment for operators of all sizes.

  • Cab forward design optimizes the view to the bucket. ROPS/FOPS level II is standard equipment.
  • Standard mechanical suspension seat and optional air-ride suspension seat.
  • Extra-large side screens combined with a low-profile lift arm design provide a wide field-of-view to the side work areas.
  • Optional pressurized sealed cab enclosure with sound reduction material and rear-mounted air filter.
  • Domed, wide-view glass door option reduces glare and provides optimal visibility to the lift arm, work tool and front work area.
  • Adjustable joystick handles provide ease of operator control with minimal effort, reducing fatigue.


At Gehl we know ease of serviceability is very important to our customers. The model V400 skid loader is sure to exceed their expectations.

  • Large engine cover is hinged and positioned by gas-springs to assist lifting and holding in place.
  • Large rear door easily opens on hinges on right side, allowing full access for daily maintenance.
  • Swing-out cooler provides improved access to engine bay area.
  • Entire cabin structure tilts rearward with a gas strut/spring for easy internal service access.
  • Hydraulic tank dipstick allows for simple and fast hydraulic fluid checks.
  • Check engine coolant quickly through the handy sight gauge.



  • Overall Operating Height - Fully Raised (mm) - 186.8" (4745)
  • Height to Hinge Pin - Fully Raised (mm) - 144" (3647)
  • Overall Height to top of ROPS (mm) - 82.0" (2083)
  • Ground Clearance to chassis (mm) - 7.3" (185)
  • Overall Length with Bucket (mm) - 158.5" (4026)
  • Overall Length without Bucket (mm) - 121.5" (3086)
  • Wheelbase (mm) - 54.6" (1387)
  • Dump Reach at Full Height (mm) - 39.5" (1003)
  • Bucket Rollback at Ground - 31°
  • Dump Angle - 31°
  • Overall Width (mm) - 79.5" (2019)
  • Bucket Width (mm) - 84" (2134)
  • Clearance Circle - Rear (mm) - 70.5" (1791)
  • Clearance Circle - Front without Bucket (mm) - 50.8" (1290)
  • Clearance Circle - Front with Bucket (mm) - 88.5" (2248)
  • Seat to Ground Height (mm) - 40.8" (1036)
  • Rollback at Full Height - 100°
  • Dump Height (mm) - 114.8" (2916)
  • Departure Angle - 19°
  • Standard Tire Size - 14.00-17.5 HD


  • Make: Cummins
  • Model: QSB 4.5 Tier III
  • Gross Power: (kW) @ 2200 rpm 99 hp (74)
  • Displacement: (L) 272 (4.5)
  • Maximum Torque: (Nm) @ 1300 rpm 326 ft-lbs. (442)


  • Auxiliary Hydraulics - Standard (L/min) 32 gpm (121)
  • High-Flow Hydraulics - Optional (L/min) 40.8 gpm (154)
  • System Relief Pressure (bar) 3500 psi (241.3)
  • Reservoir Capacity (L) 16.75 gal. (63)


  • Rated Operating Capacity: (kg) 4000 lbs. (1814)
  • Fuel Tank: (L) 31.25 gal. (118)
  • Travel Speed - Maximum: (km/hr) 6.5 mph (10.5)
  • Travel Speed - Maximum with Two-Speed Option: (km/hr) 11.2 mph (18)
  • Operating Weight - Approximate: (kg) 11,100 lbs. (5035)

Additional Photos

V400 skid loader dumping load in pile

Gehl V330 Skid Loader