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Air Tamper T-6

Weight - 39.6 lb., Air Consumption - 35.2 CFM

The Air Tamper T-6 is designed to effectively compact soil around foundations and other structures and for compacting back-fill in trenches.


Bore - 1 1/2 in.
Stroke Length - 5 1/2 in.
Length - 49 in.
Weight - 39.6 lb.
Air Inlet - 1/2 in.
Butt Diameter - 6 in.
Air Consumption - 35.2 CFM.

Toku and Tamco offers a variety of rammers and tampers for the job site, foundry, or mill. All tools feature heat treated alloy steel cylinders, innovative features, and rugged construction. Toku and Tamco have the ideal tool for any of your soil or substrate compaction needs.

These rugged and reliable tools will provide years of service on any job site.