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Towable Compressor, Wheel Mounted - D210PHJD

Weight - 2385 lb., Rated Delivery - 210 CFM

The 210P compressor gives more air and is built with the bigger contractor in mind. The larger 210P compressor has two full length tool boxes, two large service doors, galvanized inner fenders and has Galveneal coating and powder coated sheet metal for rust and scratch protection, plus a cooler cleaning access panel.

Powered by an 74 hp John Deere diesel engine, and this design has two stage air filters and large 29 gallon fuel tank for full shift duties and the extra CFM will run more tools and give more air for sandblasting in the smaller 185P style package.

Compressor Features

  • 210 CFM, 150 PSIG, 80 HP
  • Large, 108mm diameter twin screw air end manufactured by Sullivan-Palatek
  • Exclusive 3 year warranty
  • Side by side coolers for compressor and engine
  • John Deere engine
  • Automatic shutdown and protection system
  • Full length tool boxes on each side with lockable doors


  • Type: Wheel mount
  • Rated Delivery: 210 cfm (5.9 m3/min)
  • Operating Pressure Range: 70-165 psig (4.8-11.4 bar)
  • Weight, Serviced: 2385 lbs
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement: 276 in3 (4.5 L)
  • Total Engine Oil Capacity: 9 qts (8.5 L)
  • Cooling System Capacity: 14 qts (13.2 L)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 29 gal (109.8 L)
  • Battery Rating: 12 Volts
  • CCA @ 0F: 800 Amps per Battery
  • Idle speed: 1650 RPM
  • Full Load Speed: 2500 RPM

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