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GEHL Compact Track Loader - RT250 Gen:3

Max Lift Capacity - 2,500 lb., Horsepower - 74.3 h.p.

Just like other Gehl track loaders, the RT250 GEN: 3 was designed for the highest level of performance. This compact track loader is made to maneuver over a variety of surfaces and will also assist in moving large amounts of materials such as soil or sand, this makes it perfect for the RT250 to load materials in and out of work spaces with ease.


  • Designed from the ground up, the welded chassis aids in superior weight distribution, which further enhances stability, grading, tractive effort and provides a smoother ride.
  • Flush rear door and angled rear towers provide tight rear clearance radius and excellent visibility.
  • Thick steel plating and heavy-duty pins and bushing strengthen the loader for extreme-duty work.
  • Electronic engine control and foot throttle allow operation at partial throttle, reducing sound levels and fuel consumption.


Controls on the RT250 GEN:3 Compact Track Loaders are ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase productivity and improve versatility.

  • Electro-hydraulic joystick controls provide the ultimate in operator comfort and controllability. They are also not affected during cold weather operation.
  • Hydraloc™ system applies the parking brake whenever the operator raises the restraint bars, leaves the operator's seat, opens the door or switches off the ignition.
  • Standard, selectable 2-speed drive motors, horn and backup alarm.
  • Optional speed control adds ability to tailor machine operating speeds to application, independent of engine rotation.
  • Standard ISO drive pattern, optional selectable ISO and dual hand (H-pattern) controls.
  • Multi-purpose LCD display provides easy readout during operation.
  • Single button allows simple scrolling and selection of various display functions.
  • Standard Drive Sensitivity Adjustment offers five settings that change five parameters to suit operator preference, skill and application requirements.
  • Optional HydraGlide™ system allows the lift arm to "float" when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material and providing a smoother ride at faster transport speeds.


The Gehl RT250 GEN:3 Compact Track Loader engine is packed with plenty of low-end torque, just what a track loader needs to power through the toughest jobs.

  • Automatic glow module engine intake heating system provides superior cold-weather starting.
  • Engine warranty, parts and service are handled through dealership servicing in conjunction with Gehl parts and service support.


The Gehl RT250 GEN:3 Compact Track Loader hydraulic system is engineered to push more material, lift heavier loads and power demanding attachments.

  • Standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics are designed to handle virtually every flow/high performance attachment.
  • New cast-iron pump design delivers efficient flow at higher temperatures.
  • Lift cylinders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arm.
  • Electro-hydraulic controlled hydrostatic transmission with direct engine coupling provides high operating efficiency and AntiStall technology keeps the power flowing.
  • Powerful drive motors deliver superior pushing power to the tracks.
  • Internal drive motor plumbing protects hoses, tubes and fittings from damage resulting from debris or objects in the track area.
  • Power track drive motors deliver superior pushing power.
  • Optional Hydraglide™ system allows the lift arm to “float” when transporting loads, minimizing loss of material and providing a smoother ride at faster transport speeds.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic quick couplers easily connect under pressure for fast, efficient attachment changes.



  • Overall Operating Height, Fully Raised - 168"
  • Height to Hinge Pin, Fully Raised - 128"
  • Reach, Fully Raised - 34.5"
  • Dump Angle - 41°
  • Dump Height - 98"
  • Specified Height - 67.7"
  • Ground Clearance - 13.2"
  • Overall Width - 69.5"
  • Angle of Approach - 90°


  • Operating Capacity at 35% Tipping Load - 2,500 lbs.
  • Operating Capacity at 50% Tipping Load - 3,571 lbs.
  • Tipping Load - 7,143 lbs.
  • Operating Weight - 11,470 lbs.


  • Make/Model - Deutz/TD 3.6 Tier 4
  • Type - 4-Stroke Turbo
  • Displacement/Cylinders - 221
  • Gross Power @ rpm - 74.3 hp @ 2300
  • Net Power @ rpm - 70.7 hp @ 2300
  • Peak Torque @ rpm - 243 ft.-lbs. @ 1500
  • Oil Pump Capacity - 9 qts.
  • Alternator Voltage/Amperage - 14V/95A

Track Drives

  • Drawbar Pull/Tractive Effort - 12,770 lbs.
  • Track Type/Track Rollers/Roller Type - Rubber/5/Steel
  • Track Width - 17.7"
  • Ground Pressure - 5.3 psi


  • Bucket Breakout, Tilt Cylinder - 8,384 lbs.
  • Bucket Breakout, Lift Cylinder - 7,437 lbs.
  • Ground Speed, Single Speed - 5.8 mph
  • Ground Speed, Two Speed - 8.2 mph


  • Fuel Tank - 24 gal.
  • Hydraulic Reservior Tank - 13.8 gal.
  • Coolant Capacity - 5.1 gal.