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Steel Double Wall Shield - PRO 4 Series

4 in. - 8 ft. x 10 ft.

The Pro Series line of trench shields from PRO-TEC incorporates performance features that help deliver outstanding productivity and increased safety on the job.

Pro Series trench shields have the same rugged features in 4" thick side walls to match your machine capacity and depth requirements. The Pro Series™ line of trench shields (trench boxes) from Pro-Tec Equipment incorporates performance and safety features that provide increased job safety and productivity.

Pro Series Trench Shield Features

  • Industry's first, safer 4-point lifting systems
  • Industry's strongest knife edge for long life
  • Full length double tube top rail provides built-in "I" beam strength
  • Optional foam filling  prevents soil and water build-up in sidewalls
  • Recessed collars for extra strength and longevity
  • Professional Engineer Certified to meet OSHA regulations
  • Available with or without a knife edge
  • Extended collars also available

Pro Series trench shields (trench boxes) are available in 4", 6" and 8" thick sidewalls. Each is designed to meet the depth and machine capacity for the intended project.

The Pro HD Series offers the same standard and optional features as the Pro Series, but delivers exceptional depth ratings for extreme projects.  

Pro Series Trench Shield Specs

  • Stackable design.
  • Size - 8 ft. x 10 ft.
  • Weight - 4,650 lb.

Protection Engineered for Added Safety 

Full length double tube top rail provides built in "I" beam strength, helps prevent bucket damage. Superior structural strength provides greater durability and depth ratings. Additional 4 Point System horizontal and vertical structural members in the sidewall impart maximum shield strength and better depth ratings than competitive shields. High strength steel, Schedule 80 steel pipe spreaders and superior welding techniques complete the package. Collars are encased in heavy wall tubing inserted between twin end-posts. Collars are 100% perimeter welded to impart maximum durability to these critical connecting points.

Industry's First, Safer 4-Point Lifting System 

Industry's first 4-point lifting system makes handling and assembly easier, faster and safer.

Additional Photos

Pro Series trench shields
Pro Series trench shields
Pro Series trench shields
Pro Series trench shields

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