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BT60 Jumping Jack

Robust, reliable and extremely tough.

The lightest tamper in this performance class: ideal for long working shifts in confined spaces. The BT60 Jumping Jack is the preferred machine for professional users.

The BT60 is lightweight for effortless handling.

Fields of Application

Robust, reliable and extremely tough: these 4-stroke engine BOMAG tampers are ideal for trench and sewage systems, gardening and landscaping, compaction on backfill, foundations, patching and repairs. Less effort to operate, durable, designed to deliver high performance.



  • Engine Protection System
    • -Protective engine covering
    • -Paper air filter system with two stages
    • -Automatic oil level control
    • -Dual fuel filter system
  • Vibration insulated steering bow
  • Self-cleaning air filter housing
  • Protective covering
  • Single point lifting device
  • Recoil starter
  • Plastic castor as loading aid
  • Infinitely variable frequency
  • Combination of engine stop/fuel switch
  • h-/ rpm meter
  • 3-2-1 Warranty


  • Transport device with puncture proof wheels
  • Tamper foot widths (160-330mm)
  • Tamper foot extensions
  • Special painting
  • Tool kit
  • Service Kit
  • Operator protection contact breaker switch

Additional Photos

BOMAG compactor on jobsite
BOMAG lightweight compactor