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Diesel Powered Welder/Generator - DLW 400 ATMP

400 amp Welder, 14kW, 120/240V Gen

Multiquip welders deliver premium performance in sizes ranging from 135 amps to 500 amps. Whether you are looking for a gasoline-powered machine for small repairs or a large diesel-powered machine for service truck or industrial applications Multiquip has the best welders in the industry.

This CC (constant current) and CV (constant voltage) welder delivers up to 400 amps of operation for one man, or simultaneous two man operation with 200 amps of output per person.

As a generator it provides up to 14kW of 120/240 volt AC power. A digital display provides amperage/voltage and troubleshooting error code information to the operator. In E-mode the unit can weld up o 240 amps at idle speed to optimize fuel economy. Additionally, this unit can be simultaneously used as a welder and generator. Low noise levels of only 67.5dBA.

400 Amp Welder

  • Low noise level — produces only 70 dBA.
  • Outstanding arc characteristics plus the ability to connect machines together for parallel operation.
  • One or Two-man operation — Independent controls and up to 200 amps for each operator or 400 amps for one operator.
  • Full-panel GFCI protection that is OSHA and NEC compliant.
  • Dependable Tier 4 Kubota diesel engine is backed by a three-year engine manufacturer’s warranty. A standard self-priming fuel system allows quick starting even if the engine is run dry. Automatic idle control is standard for improved fuel economy.
  • E-Mode improves fuel efficiency by allowing the operator to weld with the engine at idle speed at up to 240 amps. This standard feature greatly reduces operating costs and noise levels.
  • Arc Force Control allows the operator to fine tune DC current during low voltage welding conditions. This standard feature helps prevent electrodes from sticking during short arc length welding.
  • Safety shut-downs are provided for water, oil level and DC thermal overload.
  • Available accessories include welding cables, wire remotes, battery tenders, fuel heaters, trailers and wheel kits. Trailers can be outfitted with an extended runtime fuel cell, welding cable carriers and a large capacity tool box.


Innovative SmartStick technology automatically stops the engine if no welding or AC power is used for a preset time (One minute to 30 minutes). To restore power, the operator needs only to strike the welding stick.

Optional remote control allows operator to adjust amperage up to 100 feet away from the machine. When added to the DLW400ESA4, this option allows for two operators to weld simultaneously each with their own remote control.

  • Draws simultaneous AC power while welding
  • The convenience of one-man or two man operation
  • Delivers up to 400 amps as a welder, 14kW of AC power
  • Arc force control allows the operator to fine tune DC current during low voltage welding conditions and helps prevent electrodes froms sticking during short arc length welding
  • Smooth arc characteristics and more consistent, quality welds
  • Trailer TRLRTMP mounted
  • Super clean volage regulion 1.5% (+/-)
  • Tier 4 interim Kubota diesel engine V1305
  • E-mode improves fuel efficiency by allowing operator to weld at idle up to 240 amps
  • Noise level produces only 67.5 dBA

Additional Photos

Diesel Powered Welder/Generator - Trailer
Diesel Powered Welder/Generator - Skid
Diesel Powered Welder/Generator - DLW 400 ATMP