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Wheelbarrow, 8 cu ft, Single Wheel - BW8S

Structural steel frame, high-density polyethylene pans

Brentwood manufactures the highest quality professional-grade wheelbarrow on the market, durably constructed to make any job successful. These wheelbarrows are rugged and shovel-friendly with a heavy gauge steel nose and chassis. 

With high-density polyethylene pans, varnished North-American hardwood handles, sealed precision bearings, and a frame made of structural steel, Brentwood wheelbarrows are built to last.

Wheelbarrow Features

  • 8 Cube Feet heavy gauge high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • 6″ Wide Turf Tire, Single Wheel
  • Heavy-Duty Pans & Hardware
  • Designed for shovel-friendly use, our pan is formed from UV-stabilized HDPE and secured to the chassis with smooth, recessed bolts and premium lock nuts.
  • North American Hardwood Handles
  • Crafted of sustainable hardwood, our varnished handles with rubber grips are engineered for heavy use and efficient lifting.
  • Robust Chassis
  • Optimized for strength and stability, the powder-coated, structural steel chassis is flared for lateral support and features an arched steel stabilizing plate that allows for additional foot clearance.
  • Rugged Wheel Assembly
  • Every assembly is equipped with sturdy ¾-inch steel axles and tires for any terrain, each fitted with sealed precision bearings to keep out moisture and dirt.
  • Rigid Nose Piece
  • The powder-coated steel nose piece is made from extra heavy gauge steel to ensure a rigid, durable frame assembly for the life of the wheelbarrow. The nose piece is designed with angled mounting tabs to provide a seamless handle connection.
  • Bent Front Braces
  • The heavy gauge, powder-coated steel braces are designed with an aggressive V-shaped cross section to provide superior bend resistance.