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Takeuchi Wheel Loaders

Takeuchi wheel loaders provide a more versatile mobile shovel to any operator who is looking for a more traditional and articulated steering system.

By transferring materials from stockpiles to trucks or just around jobsites, Takeuchi wheel loaders can save time and money by shouldering the weight of time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks.

Norris Sales is an Authorized Takeuchi Dealer

Takeuchi wheel loaders are reliable to own, comfortable to operate and provide unsurpassed performance on the job.

Unlike track loaders, the Takeuchi wheel loaders are generally shorter and have the unique ability to turn around in their own length. In confined areas, a four-wheel-steerable compact wheel loader might more efficiently perform a repetitive scoop-and-load function than any other heavy equipment.

Takeuchi Track Loaders and Hydraulic Excavators