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Toro Stump Grinders

Make grinding stumps quicker and more productive with the Toro stump grinder or attachments. Toro Dingo stump grinders are great for tree stump removal and eliminating roots in hard-to-access areas. Superior traction gets you where you need to go and a deeper below-grade cut allows for more efficient removal of roots

Simple and Efficient

Some stump grinders are over-complicated, but not Toro stump grinders. The control and hydraulic systems are simple to learn, master and use. Combine these easy-to-use controls with tracks and transport speed, and you get maximum productivity.

The integrated sensors automatically slow the sweep speed of the cutting head based on the load of the wheel, so heavy cutting loads won’t bog down the engine. The stump grinders’ tracks also travel easily over muddy areas, with the low center of gravity adds side hill stability for access to any job, in any condition.

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